Some projects I built for fun. Most of them are open-source. Check them out on Github.


Telepathy is a blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK. It aims to be a decentralized microblogging platform free from censorship, ads and middlemen.

The blockchain uses the Tendermint consensus engine (Proof of Stake) that comes prepacked with Cosmos.
I built a bare bones front-end using React.js and Next.js which allows end-users to interact with the blockchain. When a request is made it is proxied through an Nginx server.
All actions, like posting a thought or comment are recorded as transactions on the Telepathy blockchain.
Images are stored on IPFS, the content identifier of the image is stored on the blockchain, and it is retrieved from IPFS when requested.

In the future I would like the add the functionality to import 'tweets' from Twitter into Telepathy using an oracle, and the funcionality to moderate offensive content also through an oracle in a decentralized way.

Check out the repo


Cryptogram is a dapp (decentralized application) that let's you download your pictures from Instagram and create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) from them.

It is an Ethereum smart contract written in Solidity. It connects to a Chainlink oracle, which using an external adapter that I built downloads a picture from Instagram and uploads it to IPFS.

The oracle sends back the resulting content identifier to the smart contract, which mints an ERC-721 token for the user.

Ninja Jetpack

An iOS game built in the spirit of Jetpack Joyride. Ninjas, jetpacks and spaceships are cool, so why not mix them?

Ninja Jetpack is written in pure Swift, built with SpriteKit.


Chirps is a tiny app that I built mainly for myself, because I needed an app that would ping me at certain intervals to remind me of something.

I was pleasantly surprised when it crossed 10 000 in total downloads and 2 million in number of impressions on the App Store.

Instagram Automator & Scheduler

I used this software to build an Instagram account with more than 17k followers, which is now the main marketing power behind the profitable e-commerce website I created on top of it.

Around the middle of 2020 I started thinking about the Instagram algorithm, and came to the conclusion that there are two main things every single account must do to gain followers.
It must, on the one hand, maximize niche-relevant content interactions, and on the other, post content regularly according to a predetermined schedule.

After this, the realization that both of these can be automated with code quickly followed, and I set to work.
The post scheduler was the easier part, I quickly built it with Node.js, using the private Instagram API and hosting the thing on Heroku.

I built a first version for the automator with Node.js, using Puppeteer to execute all actions on the user's behalf in Chromium, using cron jobs to schedule each run. I added a simple REST API with which I could interact with to stop/start the process. It was also hosted on Heroku.
The Instagram algorithm however is pretty clever and, as I quickly found out by my test accounts getting restricted or banned, it routinely weeds out these bots that run on a server.

I needed a new way, and I found a suprisingly simple, yet effective method to achieve this. It has been almost a year and none of my accounts have been banned yet.
I wrote a simple Android app, where the app does nothing, but by using the UIAutomator testing framework, I could take full control of the device, and automate actions in any app whatsoever. This completely simulates human behaviour, hence it is much harder for the Instagram algorithm to detect it. I currently start it with a simple shell script, but it could easily be converted to an accessibility service, and coupled with a UI so that the process can be started from the app.


Simple and easy to use command line application written in Go for cleaning unnecessary XCode files.
Working as an iOS developer means generating tons of gigabytes of Xcode cache and junk that only takes up space on your workstation. I got tired of that and built this tool to quickly clean them.

Check out the repo


Meditation timer and tracker for iOS. I needed a tool that had everything I needed and nothing more for keeping track of my meditation practice. I couldn't find just what I was looking for on the App Store so I built it.

Download on the App Store