About me.

I am a software engineer passionate about iOS development, blockchains and web development. Over the course of the last two years, which I've spent as a freelance contractor, I worked both with clients and developers from multiple countries. The experiences I've gained encompass various facets of software engineering, including the development of a complex new product from the first line of code as well as smaller debugging jobs and updates to existing iOS apps.

These experiences endowed me with invaluable lessons about intercultural work relationships, communicating with clients, translating their requirements into code and functioning products, estimating reasonable time-frames for new features, and of course, writing clean, readable, and robust code that passes both UI and unit tests and the ultimate test of real-life users interacting with it.

As a freelancer, I often have the freedom and responsibility to choose the technology/architecture/frameworks for an iOS application. By doing this, I learned multiple things about the various trade-offs we all have to make as software developers.

Outside technology and software engineering, I am a student of UI/UX design, usability and psychology. I have a personal interest in culture, society and history (which is amplified by a degree in law), and mainly the transformative power digital products have on all of these fields.
When I'm not coding or reading I try to travel as much as possible, visiting far off corners of the world and trying to understand what it means to be human.

I think we are extremely lucky to be alive in such a unique point in history where the code we write and the products we engineer can positively impact the lives of millions.